Call Center / Contact Center Services

MATC-Alliance has specialized Inbound and Outbound Contact Center packages which help create a lifetime of contact and rapport with your dedicated customers. With no long-term commitments, you have the flexibility and options to respond to the needs of your clients and prospects.

End-to-end Inbound Contact Center Solutions

Inbound Call Centers respond to your customers and prospects exactly the second they need it. If you miss it the moment is gone, and the opportunity lost. But if you catch it, wonderful things can happen.

MATC-Alliance talks to your customers in the way you would using your words and key-phrases. Your customers will be delighted by the response and know that their business matters to you.

And it is not a costly matter, we have programs to fit your budget, come and talk to us.

Plans for every budget

Contact Centers need to be extraordinarily responsive when they are needed, but their nature is such that there are times when there is no incoming requests. When it comes to pricing, MATC-Alliance has a different approach; Look for plans which have a pay-as-you-go element. Come to us with a budget and we will work with you.

High End Technology

One of the biggest advantages for our customers is they get the very latest in Contact Center technology without the investment or the complex set up. MATC-Alliance employs the names you know in the centers, no home bound agents using their cell phones to make calls – our centers are well equipped to meet your needs.

We Make Sure

  • In bound support by any means you wish – call, email, chat or any combination
  • 24/7 on all service types
  •  All agents based in the US for native language comprehension and high-quality customer service
  • Full reports and analytics on all interactions

Outbound Calling Delivers Fast, Measurable Results in Sales and Customer Retention

Outbound calling is an art. Some people are truly amazing at it and they are rare. It is a skill to get someone on the phone and engage them in a positive and friendly manner which gets you a positive contact.

The Outbound Call Center is your key to turning marketing into sales or good, long-term customer relationships.

It is a combination of technology, skills and people.

How to fit outbound calling into your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Connecting with customers and prospects is a slow process. Many times, we need to speed it up and outbound calling is the best way to do it.

Quick, targeted campaigns

  • Special Offer which is only open for a few hours such as an upgrade or low-price offer
  • Customer Service Requirement – need to contact your customer base and up or cross sell
  • Information Dissemination– when you need to provide information and be able to show your customers received
  • Lead Generation – if you need a few days once a month to get leads flowing to the sales people.

Ad Hoc Outreach

MATC-Alliance is there when you want to connect with a business community. You might want to test the validity of a market sector or open up a new client base.

This is a one and done engagement which the bigger Outbound Call Centers don’t want to get involved in because their ramp up is so considerable.

MATC-Alliance is agile and fast we can create and run these campaigns as quickly as you can think of them.

We Make Sure

MATC-Alliance Call Centers have their foundation on state-of-the-art technology. To that we add clear and concise programs which reflect our client’s needs and then we add people with years of experience who understand talking to others.

We have the skills in house and ready to go.

Our Quality Assurance Drives Your Success

How do you define Quality? By measuring and quantifying every steps of the process and assessing it against strictly documented client requirements.

Our Inbound and Outbound Centre managers build Quality check and balances into each step of every campaign, so we can report on the things which are critical to you.

At MATC-Alliance we follow a meticulous process which is adjusted as necessary to meet your strict requirements.

Monitoring Criteria

From experience we will guide you on what to measure and how it is measured.From there we will construct calibration monitoring, teams forms and processes

Monitoring Processes and Capture

Next, we will set up the reporting process, including the strict measurements, the frequency and the report structure.Finally, we will automate the process so you can keep your finger on the pulse every step of the way.

What we Monitor

We can measure everything. If you feel you need a specific item measuring, we can check it. Standard QA measurements include Call Service Levels, First Call Resolution, Fatal Errors and many more.Agent Quality is continuously monitored at all stages of a call, chat interaction or email exchange.

Back Office Processing

There are some tasks that must be kept in-house, but some that need to be kept up-to-date but are a waste of your time if you’re already tight on resources. Tasks like data entry which is repetitive and time consuming get pushed to the bottom on the to do list, but having that sort of information up to day is as important to the smooth running of the business as any other task.
More and more companies are finding ways of getting other less expensive resources to do this sort of work for them. Outsourcing back office process is the latest trend in keeping only essential functions in house.

Higher Level of Accuracy

MATC-Alliance will devote more time and apply a higher QA standard to the task than you naturally would in house. In your office this is a painful job to be completed. At MATC-Alliance this is customer work which must be performed to the highest levels.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It is true – you and your team need to be focusing on core competencies and developing the business. When resources are already stretched do you really want your best salesperson managing the CRM? These are the tasks an external person can do just as effectively, freeing up your key people for more important business.

Our technology

We have already invested in state of the art technology and back-up systems. You don’t need to purchase expensive software or invest in SaaS licenses which really add up over time. We have the tools and technology to analyse your data and bring new insights into your business.

Reduces Costs

Hiring back office staff is still a cost to the business. Pay for back office processing on a lower cost per hour and put those saved dollars back into the business where they belong.